Dr. Michael Ashenhurst & Dr. Vivian Hill

Your Eye Health Is Important To Us

You only get one pair of eyes, so let us take care of them. Ashenhurst Eye is here to make sure your eyes are in optimal health in our downtown Calgary ophthalmologist office. Contact us today for your ophthalmology concerns and questions.

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Surgical Information

Common Ophthalmology Surgical Procedures

Medical Eyelid Surgery

When your eyelids are drooping to the point that it's obstructing your vision, we can help restore your vision.

Medical Eyelid Surgery

Cataract Surgery

When the natural lens of your eye gets cloudy, it's necessary to remove it and replace it with an artifical lens.

Cataract Surgery

Orbital Surgery

Various complications in the eye socket area, including from Graves disease, can require orbital surgery.

Orbital Surgery

Tear Duct Surgery

If you have a blocked tear duct, it's necessary to have a dacryocystorhinostomy surgery.

Tear Duct Surgery

Pediatric Strabismus Surgery

We are specialists in pediatric strabismus surgery and can correct it early. 

Pediatric Strabismus Surgery

Adult Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus can highly affect your vision and quality of life. See if strabismus surgery is an option for you.

Adult Strabismus Surgery

Pterygium Surgery

Pterygium is abnormal tissue that develops on the sclera and cornea. We can help remove it.

Pterygium Surgery

Laser Surgery

Our ophthalmologists can help with YAG laser capsulotomy and YAG peripheral iridotomy procedures. 

Laser Surgery

TAB Surgery

Temporal arteritis can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. If left untreated, it can cause extreme complications.

TAB Surgery
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What We Do

A Professional Ophthalmologist Office

Ashenhurst Eye is here to provide the best possible medical care for our patients. When you need to see an ophthalmologist, look no further than our Calgary clinic for exceptional care and treatment.

What Makes Us Different

Our team provides exceptional care to all of our patients. With years of medical experience, you can rest assured that you're in good hands at our Calgary ophthalmologist clinic.

How we help our patients

When you're referred to our office, our ophthalmologists will help assess your eye health and recommend the best course of medical treatment. Contact us today for more information.


Learn More About Common Vision Issues
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Amblyopia is when the vision in one eye is not as good as the other. Learn more about amblyopia here.

Amblyopia Information
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Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids caused by bacteria or a skin condition. Read more here.

Blepharitis Information

Blocked Tear Duct

When your tear ducts are blocked it can cause excessive tearing. See how we can treat it here.

Blocked Tear Duct

Dry Eye

Dry eyes can affect your vision and comfort. Read more about what causes it and treatment here.

Dry Eye Information
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Our Ophthalmologists

Our In-House Ophthalmologists

Dr. Ashenhurst received his doctorate of medicine from the University of Saskatchewan in 1985. Since beginning his practice in 1991, he has performed over 40,000 ocular procedures.

When you come to Ashenhurst Eye, you can trust that you're receiving excellent medical care. 


Dr. Hill graduated from the University of Ottawa and completed Ophthalmology Residency there. She went on to complete a fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus at the University of Calgary.

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Our Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Ready for a fresh look? We can assist with cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

BOTOX® Injections

The best and most non-invasive way to restore your youthful look is BOTOX® injections. 

BOTOX® Injections


When you're looking for plumper lips, look no further than our office to improve the look of your lips.

Facial Fillers


Our office carries Alumier skincare products. See what products we carry in our office here.

Skin Care Products