Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Is The Clinic Located?

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Calgary at 933 17 Ave SW #344, Calgary, AB T2T 5R6.

Do I Need A Driver For My Appointment?

If you are coming for a lesion removal or dilated eye exam, it is recommended to have a driver.

Will I Have My Surgery On The Same Day As My Consultation?

We are only equipped to do minor procedures at our offices, such as lesion removals and punctal 3snips. After your consultation, you will see our surgical coordinator, who will book you a surgery date.

Do You Have Free Parking?

Most parking in and around our building is paid parking. However, there are some 2-hour zones you may be able to park in on the street.

There is a paid parkade on the 2nd floor of our building. The ramp is accessible off of 17th Ave SW, on the East side of our building. There is also an underground parkade underneath the Best Buy building on the corner of 8th street. The entrance is accessible from the back alley behind the building.

How Long Does It Take?

You can expect to be at our office for up to 2 hours. This includes testing, wait time, and surgical booking (if required).

Does Alberta Health Care Cover My Consultation?

Alberta Health Care covers most consultations with a doctor's referral.

You may call to book directly for a cosmetic eyelid consultation without a referral. These cost $150.

Do I Need A Referral To See An Ophthalmologist?

Yes, your family doctor needs to refer you to see an ophthalmologist.

My Doctor Has Sent A Referral. How Long Until I See The Doctor?

When we receive the letter from a referring doctor at our office, we contact the patient directly with appointment details via email or text. Wait times for a consultation can vary greatly depending on which doctor the referral is for, urgency, and availability in the schedule.

For non-urgent consultations, Dr. Ashenhurst books anywhere within 1-6 months. Dr. Hill books between 4-8 months.

We strive to contact all patients within 2-3 weeks of receiving the referral.

I Am Having Trouble Getting Through. When Is The Best Time To Call?

We try our best to get to all phone calls in a timely manner. Phones are on from 9 am-3 pm, Monday-Friday, with the exception of statutory holidays, and we are on lunch between 12 pm-1 pm.

Mondays and Wednesdays are generally our busiest days in the clinic.

Alternatively, you can always send us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When Should I See An Ophthalmologist?

It's important to see an ophthalmologist when you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Loss/Decrease In Vision.
  • Changes In Vision (Dark Spots, Blurriness, Wavy Lines, Double Vision.
  • Changes In Your Field Of Vision (Obstruction Of Sight, Black Spots, Blurriness).
  • Physical Changes In Eye (Crossed Eyes, Lazy Eye, Signs Of Infection).
  • Changes In Your Colour Vision.

Surgical Frequently Asked Questions

I Don't Have A Time For My Surgery On My Provided Information Sheets?

For surgeries at Holy Cross or Mount Royal surgical centre our office will email you with your arrival time one week before the surgery. If it is less than one week prior and you have not received a call from us, please call (403) 245-3171.

The facility gives out surgery times for the Alberta Children's Hospital and Rockyview General Hospital. Please refer to your information handout. There is a phone number to call the day before to get the admission time. Or, click one of the links below to see a copy of the handout.

For surgeries at the: Alberta Children's Hospital.

For surgeries at the: Rockyview General Hospital.

The Doctor Told Me I Am Only Having Freezing. Do I Still Need To Fast Before Surgery?

You always need to fast, no matter what type of anesthetic we are planning on using. You may need to be upgraded to sedation on the day of your surgery.

Is The Procedure Safe?

Most surgical procedures are done under local freezing or mild sedation, so you are still awake. This cuts down the risk, but the surgery can always involve risk, as with any surgery. Please refer to your information handout regarding specific risks associated with the procedure you are having.

If you have general anesthesia, this will increase your risk. The anesthetist will go over all the details with you on the day.

When Can I Get Back To Work?

Everyone has different levels of activity in their jobs, so this answer changes from person to person.

Most procedures require one week of downtime. There will be associated bruising and swelling that generally takes 1-2 weeks to dissipate. We can only give you a rough guideline, but you may have to exercise some personal judgment on the length of time you need to recover.

Can I Drive After The Surgery?

You cannot drive for 24 hours after receiving an anesthetic, so you will need to arrange for a driver to pick you up.

If you are having trouble finding a family member or friend, you can use Driving Miss Daisy or Keys Please! They both have the correct insurance to drive you home from your surgery.

When Can I Wear Makeup?

Skin incisions take one week to start healing over, so our recommendation is to wait 7-10 days.

When Can I Wear My Contacts Again?

You will need to wait at least one week after most surgeries to wear your contacts. If you are experiencing redness or sore eyes, you may have to wait longer.

Are Fake Eyelashes/Eyelash Extensions Okay?

Surgeries that involve resecting the conjunctiva, such as conjunctival lesion removals and strabismus repairs, require you to remove your eyelash extensions.

What Is The Rebooking/Cancellation Policy?

All surgeries require one weeks' notice to cancel or reschedule. If you do not provide one weeks' notice or no show to your scheduled surgery, there will be a rebooking fee of $500.

Exceptions are made for emergencies with supporting documentation.

How Long Does It Take?

All procedures vary in length. Most eyelid procedures will take approximately 30-60 minutes total to complete. More complex procedures at the hospital can mean you are there the majority of the day. Some surgeries even require you to stay overnight.

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